Monday, October 12, 2020

ICYMI: Google Pay Promo

 Just a quick heads-up to everyone who might have missed out on the Google Pay promotion. You can still get CASHBACK when you Paynow your friends or family! This promotion has been extended to 31 Oct and hopefully it continues.

You can get $5 just by signing up with your phones here

  1. Follow the steps in the set-up guide.
  2. Check that you have opted-in for Offers and Rewards when prompted; You can double check this under settings by clicking through Profile→Settings→Offers and Rewards→Toggle on Opt-In.
  3. Make a payment of at least $10 through the Google Pay App.
This $10 payment can be sent to your friends and family. After you received the $5 cashback just get them to send it back to you via the App. Best of all, this is all done via Paynow and the process is very quick.

You can also receive up to two scratch card rewards for doing 2 PayNow transactions of at least $10 to two different friends/families via the Google Pay App. This scratch card may award up to $15! I have not been that lucky and received a total of a few dollars so far (free money, just take). Just repeat this process till the end of the promo (31 Oct) every week. It can be the same few friends that you transfer to. Just a quick reminder that Google's week resets on Monday at around 830am.

Remember you can sign up through this link and get $5 for free!
Share with me your other promos and tips!!

SG FI Dad, out.

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