Thursday, July 1, 2021

Alternate Income: June 2021

And June has ended already! What!? Honestly the year is really flying by. We have gone into P3HA for awhile now and I hope with all the plans and measures in place, we will see further progress as we enter the last quarter of the year. The Euros 20/21 has been equally interesting and exciting to watch. There has been plenty of upsets and my predicted winners are already no longer in the running. Will football really be coming home now? Now to see who wins the entire thing. Anyone has their favourites? About one more month till EPL is back and I can't wait. Okay, with that little recap out of the way, we can get back into how our portfolio performed this month. 

For June 2021, we received $253.86 from interests and dividend returns. Its not the first month that we surpassed our target of $200 per month and it feels good to have reached this target again. Seeing the chart below also gives us some confidence in achieving our target for this year. Viewing our report, we tend to receive more towards the middle part of the year. Hopefully this will make up the shortfall which we experienced earlier in the year.

As we are going past the halfway mark of 2021, we continue to remain disciplined in our investment efforts.  By my rough estimates, I am confident that we will reach our goal of $200 per month in alternate income for 2021 with our continuous DCA entry into the market. Hopefully I did not compute anything wrongly and the data will back me up come December.

Share with me your thoughts and comments on dividend investing! Remember to stay safe everyone!

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