Sunday, April 4, 2021

Kopi Money Series Part 2: Toluna

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Back with another post on ‘How to make Kopi Money’. It seems that the previous article on Milieu Surveys was quite popular. I hope I can make this into a mini-series and give you all tips and tricks to make such kopi lui. As I said in my earlier post, participating in these will not make you extremely rich and it is most definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Today’s post will be on Toluna. This website/app is similar to Milieu in the sense that it is a survey platform. By completing surveys, you receive points that can then be used to exchange for different types of rewards.

I personally use Toluna as well but not as frequently as compared to Milieu. I would say it is easier to reach the rewards threshold on Toluna as the points payout per survey is typically quite high. On average, you should be able to redeem some form of reward upon completing 6-8 surveys. The downside to Toluna is that their surveys can be quite long and after completing a certain percentage of a survey you may be found unsuitable or not the target demographic, which can be a little discouraging. But this is all part of the ‘game’ and you just got to be a little persistent sometimes.

Nevertheless, I think if you have some time to spare, Toluna is able to serve its purpose of exchanging your free time for some kopi lui.

In similar fashion, I have included some of the rewards that are available for redemption. My personal ‘favorites’ are PayPal and the Takashimaya vouchers *no expiry woohoo!*

If any of you are interested, you can use the link here to register for an account.

Let me know if you enjoy such content and I will try and see what other tips and tricks I can share with you all!

Share with me your thoughts and comments on if you have used such survey platforms! Stay safe everyone!

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SG FI Dad, out.

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